New Roof

Whether you need a brand-new roof or a roof replacement, Eastwind Roofing has you covered. We are experts in the field, with generations of experience under our belts. We perform detailed assessments of existing roofs and new homes to help you determine your needs. Our team can replace your old roof with a brand-new one, before your home incurs damage.

When it is time to put the roof on your new home or building, Eastwind is there from the beginning to end. We work with your contractor to make sure the new roof is a perfect fit!

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Replace your old roof before it’s too late!

Eastwind Roofing is on the job.

The best way to avoid leaks is to maintain your roof properly and replace it before severe problems begin.

When it is time to replace your roof, give us a call. We do an assessment of the overall condition of your roof, identify problem areas, and provide you with a written recommendation and quote if any immediate repairs are needed. We also provide ongoing preventative inspection and maintenance to keep your roof replacement in top condition.


Re-roofing Process

When we begin re-roofing your home, we will come by to measure the roof and document conditions specific to your house and neighborhood. We discuss any budget restrictions with you and then prepare the bid. We schedule a time to meet with you to review the best product options for your home and view samples to help you in the decision process. We’ll also arrange for you to talk to a couple of our references to give you the extra piece of mind that you are selecting the right company for the work.

Efficiency Options

When you re-roof your home, you have the opportunity to consider new materials and efficiency options. Installing or increasing insulation is an easy add with the roof removed and rafters exposed. There is an ever increasing focus on energy savings and efficiency and more of our work focuses in this area. One recommended option, when considering replacement roofing, is the installation of a “Cool Roof.” A Cool Roof reflects the sunlight away from your home and dramatically reduces the amount of heat transferred into your attic space and therefore helps reduce the temperature inside of your living space as well. Most standard roofing materials manufacturers offer a cool roof product line. Click here to learn more about Cool Roofs.

Contact Eastwind Roofing today to discuss your re-roofing needs! (877) 533-ROOF
We can come out for an assessment and to discuss the rebuilding options with you!

New Construction

new roof construction







Congratulations! Your new home is ready for a roof!

Eastwind Roofing is here to help!

When it is time to put the roof on your new home or building, Eastwind is there from the beginning to end. We will talk with you through every step to ensure that you are getting the right roof for your home.

The Process

This process is similar to re-roofing an existing home. However, there are a few differences. We would not need to remove the old roofing material and the roof deck would already be primed with plywood sheeting and ready to go! We always work with your general contractor and their plans for your home to ensure continuity. We take thorough and precise measurements and work with the house blueprints to provide you with an accurate quote. Once the building is framed, we recheck the measurements and make any adjustments needed.We document conditions specific to your house and neighborhood, and discuss your budget with you. We prepare the bid then meet with you to look at samples and review the best product options for your home. We always provide references so you can feel confident that you are selecting the right company to build your roof.

Added Features

Once we have worked with you to decide on the budget, materials, and style for your roof, then we can talk about added features. This is the best time to install insulation to maximize the efficiency of your home and keep it cool in the summer. Click here to learn more about our insulation services. We also recommend installing additional roof vents or any skylight options at this point. This early construction stage allows for the more versatility and creative options for increasing natural light and ventilation. Click here to learn more about the different types of roof windows and skylights we install.

Home Additions

Eastwind can also add a roof to a home addition! If you are building extra rooms or other features to your home, we can install the perfect roof to match the rest of your house. We always try to match the shingle identically. If we cannot find an exact match, we will find the best options for you. The addition process can also be the right time to reroof your entire home. Our team can come perform a roof assessment and help you decide which route is the way to go.

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We can come out for an assessment and to discuss the options with you!