Eastwind Roofing provides more than just secure, reliable andattractive roofs. We also deliver additional custom features to maximize the beauty and efficiency of your home. Click on the following options to learn more about these specialty services: Skylights: We install and repair roof windows, skylights, and sun tunnels. Solar Panels: We partner with leading solar experts to create a system that best matches your needs. Insulation: We install many types of insulation, including “Cool Roofs”, to increase the efficiency of your home. Holiday Lighting: Our team installs (and later remove) many types of holiday lights and décor.


skylights-300x180Natural sunlight warms your home and creates a feeling of openness. It makes for an appealing home environment, year-round. We install sun tunnels, skylights and roof windows to increase natural light. We also perform all manner of skylight repairs, including repairing leaks when they occur. Skylights let in an abundance of natural light to enliven a room. They are made of thick, durable materials that, when installed professionally, remain intact regardless of weather conditions.

Sun Tunnels penetrate through the layers of your home to provide natural light in the area desired. They are energy-efficient and highly effective and are less invasive to your framing and roof structure during installation. Roof windows are skylights which open to allow air to flow into your home. Theyincrease ventilation and circulation in your home. Opening a roof window, on summer evenings, can help “pull” air through standard windows to cool your house and reduce the need to run air conditioning units. The result is a more comfortable living environment and lower utility bills. Contact Eastwind Roofing to discuss your skylight needs, whether it’s installing new skylights or repairing old ones!





Solar power is an increasingly popular energy saving tool. Solar panels provide energy to your home naturally, to conserve electricity and save you money! We partner with leading solar experts to create a system that best matches your needs.

We work with experts in the field to install panels on the roof of your home to effectively harness energy from the sun. We make sure that the integrity of your roof remains intact throughout the process. We can repair any issues that come up as a result of installation and are available for future repairs.

Contact us today to discuss solar options for your home!


We understand that insulation is crucial in keeping the interior of your home within the desired temperature range. There are many different types of insulation and efficiency ratings on the market. If you would like to know whether your insulation is providing the protection you need, give us a call at (877) 533-ROOF.

While we install many different types of insulation, many of our clients are turning to the energy-efficient “Cool Roofs.” Cool Roofs consist of materials that reflect the sun’s energy effectively from the roof surface. Cool Roof materials for roofs are available in white as well as other attractive light color options. They can reduce the roof surface temperature by up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, thereby reducing the heat transferred into the building below.

Cool Roofs infer many benefits!

  • Reduced energy costs (by keeping attics and ducts cooler)
  • Improved occupant comfort
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased roof life expectancy
  • Reduced urban heat islands along with associated smog

Call Eastwind today to find out if your roof is adequately insulated. We can evaluate your roof and make recommendations on improvements.

Holiday Light Installation

Lights-Right Holiday lighting can be an arduous- and even dangerous- task for many home  owners. Whether you are afraid of heights, unable to climb a ladder or just too  busy, Eastwind can take care of the holiday decorations for you!

We install and remove holiday decorations without damaging your roof. We  decided to offer this service after years of receiving calls to repair broken tiles  and other roof damage after the holidays. Our skilled team knows how to walk on  a roof without damaging it and can save you the time, hassle and cost of repairing  broken areas later on.

Let us handle your rooftop holiday lighting so you can focus on what really matters around the holiday- spending quality time with family and friends! Call Eastwind to discuss your holiday lighting needs.