Cleaning and Maintenance


Protect your roof and home exterior!

Clean gutters are the key and Eastwind Roofing can help.

Clogged gutters cause damage to the edge of the roofline and eaves of your home. If the water cannot flow freely, it will back up and settle elsewhere ultimately breaking down the roof leading to leaks and damage.Most gutters need at least an annual cleaning to eliminate debris. If you have a lot of trees around your house, we advise a semi-annual cleaning. If you have older gutters, sometimes the seams begin to leak or a section is damaged. We can fix these leaks or replace the section.

Clean, functioning gutters will go a long way to protect your roof and minimize water damage to your home and the area around it!

Broken or leaking gutters can:

  • Damage your foundation
  • Erode your topsoil away
  • Lead to leaks into the lower levels of your home

Eastwind Roofing can come to your home to perform clean gutter maintenance and repair at any time. We also include it as part of our Roof Maintenance services. When you sign up with our Roof Maintenance program, we will check and clean all gutter systems on your home to prevent excess debris and water back up, allowing the gutters to do their job. Ultimately, this prevents leaks and saves you costly dry rot repairs in the future. Our Roof Maintenance program includes many other services, as well. Click here to see the full list!

If your gutters are old and beyond repair, we can install new ones. Click here to learn more about this service.

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